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Sociology can be defined as the study of society, human social interaction and rules and processes that bind and separate people not only as individuals, but as members of associations, groups and institutions. It is new and much wider disciple that has recently emerged as the new ray of knowledge.

Sociology has been discussed long ago in the times of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle about 2000 years ago, but was in the embryonic stage. However, the first sociologist is deemed to be Ibn Khaldoon, who claimed that society borns, undergoes through the stage of formation and development, and finally dies as the person is begetted, nourished, and finally gets in grave in the old age.

Sociology helps to understand human diversity, human behavior and social structure holistically. In order to facilitate business transparency and accountability, an individual should have sociological knowledge and its theoretical gazes in order to see the issues academically. Sociology and business have sturdy association. These two distinct terms are indeed inalienable aspect of successful business venture.

Some of the linkage of sociology with business can be explained in the following realm:

  • Appreciation of Ideology

The grasp of knowledge of rudimentary sociology can help to dodge the virulence and stumbling while establishing or commencing business. Religious ideologies and taboos must be understood clearly by the business person.

For instance: – The business of Cow meat (Beef) in Nepal is unacceptable while the same business is common in Korea, US, etc.

  • Interpretation of Social Issues

Social issues are elsewhere in every society. The social issues such as strikes, lockouts, economic crisis, political instability, etc might sabotage the business organization. Thus, knowledge of society is needed.

  • Analysis of Contemporary Social

Study of sociology is indispensable to get familiar to analyze the contemporary social context. Emerging trends in the society should be studied. The business focusing on opposite trends in relation to the social trends will collapse soon.

For instance: – Nepal is influenced by Western culture (mostly in clothing). So, business firm focusing on changing pattern focuses on Western culture preference.

  • Market Opportunities

Sociologists understand that certain phenomena create conditions that influence group of people. This can help grasp opportunities in the market.

For instance: – a business leader can look at a country that was previously ravaged by war or disease and know that its people require basic infrastructure offerings and access to education and medical facilities.

  • Aids Decision Making

Sociology provides clear insights on ongoing social trends and m=norms, values, growth pattern, and the like. Thus, a business firm with rapt attention towards sociology can make appreciable decisions.

The businesses that excel or are in sky-limit have minutely analyzed social forces, social taboos and social beliefs. Thus, sociology, though not a core part of business, has more influence on business, as it is linked up with economics, anthropology, physiology, morphology, politics and the like.

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